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Corsair Link appears to be causing freeze and framerate drop issues for me


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EDIT.: Today I made the same tests again, and for some odd reason everything seems to be working perfectly now, even with headphones and the CL software enabled. Thanks anyway!


Hi there,


so, I just yesterday installed Corsair Link into my system, and I really quite like it. It's a pretty nice system, but the software is very buggy and bad.


Also, I have a problem which appears to be caused by Corsair Link. When I have the Corsair Link program running in the background, which I normally would because I want it to fade the LED colors based on the GPU temp, after 10-15 minutes of playing graphic intensive games, I suddenly get a huge audio stutter which, together with frame drops to only some per second, and if I don't fastly close the game, a complete system freeze. Closing the Link software before playing the game does seem to fix that issue.


Strangely enough, using an external soundcard (usb speakers) seems to make the problem occur much less frequently.



I am currently using the beta version 2.4.4948 of the software, I upgraded to the beta because in the "stable" version, my LEDs would be stuck to one color rather than chaning with the GPU temp.


I have the latest firmware on cooling node, lighting node and controller.




This is my system:


ASUS Maximus VI Formula


SLI 2x GTX 660 Ti

Corsair Link: Lighting, Cooling




Anybody know anything about that issue?


Thanks for the help!

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USB Audio devices are very demanding on the USB Buss and you may have to move it to another USB port to work around that issue.


I see, that actually makes a lot of sense. I will use everything normally and if it happens again, I will create some logs and post them here. Thanks!

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