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c70 case vibration/buzzing


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Hi first time poster, I hope someone can help!


I have a C70 case which make the most insane buzzing sound. The noise starts quietly, then builds to a crescendo for a few minutes before fading away again.


The noise appears to be localised around the front panel of the PC.


I opened the case and removed the front filter, and although I think this has changed the noise, it is still there.


I've manually stopped every case/cpu/gpu fan (temporarily) and still somehow the noise persists.


I have installed rubber grommets on all the supplied casefans.


Still the noise continues. Can you help, this noise is coming from a vibration on the front panel of the case, and it's really taking the shine off my otherwise awesome new PC.

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Wow. I think that could be it.


Looks like the 500GB Hitachi drive wasn't seated right in the caddy. It could also possibly be that the drive is elderly (2007) and on its way out; it's certainly next on my list of things to upgrade (1TB SSHD)


Here was me thinking it was a fan vibrating the case.


Thans again, and I'll update if I have anything to report...

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Buzz gone. 2 possible causes:


Incorrectly seated HDD, or (I think the more likely cause) one of the metal tabs designed for the "no tools" optical bays was loose and vibrating.


Solution - I put a little bit of blu tac under the tab. No noise.



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