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AX750 & AX760 sleeved cables


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Was it completely necessary to make these cables incompatible?


Full story:

My AX750 recently broke down, after less than a year of use. I contacted the shop where i got it (Dustin.se) and sent the RMA. A couple weeks later I received an AX760, since the shop no longer sells or has any AX750s in stock.


Happy to receive a working PSU I proceeded to mount it. I quickly realised the power cables are completely incompatible :eek:. Not only do I have to redo all the cabling in the box, but my AX750 60€ sleeved cables are now junk.


Since I know there's no technical need in actually changing the cable contacts between products, this swap by corsair makes me a sad panda.

This time around, I'll just have to settle with stock fugly cables and try to be happy for the marginal PSU upgrade. :[pouts:

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