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K70 Vengeance and the num, caps and scroll-lock under Linux

Il Corsaro Nero

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Three days ago, I purchased the K70 Vengeance black with Italian layout and cherry MX red switch (CH-9000011-IT).


Spectacular! I like it very much!


First: I want the possibility to buy (easy way: I want to buy them in Italy, in my shop, in my city) the contoured keycaps for the arrow keys.


Second: I have read many posts about problems on the Linux operating system and unfortunately I was not able to solve them all.

The lights for scroll, num and caps key are not working properly in Linux: the three lights are always off (in 1,2,4,8 mode). The keys NUM, CAPS and SCROLL pressed many times but nothing, they are not lighted.


They work perfectly under Windows 7 64.


This is my situation for your feedback:

- Main Board Asus Rampage II Extreme with the latest bios

- No UEFI bios

- The lights works flawless in Asus bios of main board

- Linux Kubuntu 13.04 64 bit

- Tried a different USB port

- Tried Kernel 3.8.0-25 and 3.8.0-27

- Shutting off completely the PC many times

- This happening regardless of polling rate: 1,2,4 or 8

- Only in bios mode, the lights for NUM and CAPS works, but the SCROLL flashing continuously (and do not responds to key pressed)


If I use the command:


sudo kbd_mode -u


I see that changes the keyboard to 16bit utf8 mode.

After this command, the lights for num-lock and scroll-lock works, but not the caps-lock. Also this happening regardless of polling rate: 1,2,4 or 8

I add the command to my startup programs.


If I change my xorg.conf to include:


Option "AutoAddDevices" "OFF"


in the ServerLayout Section, the keyboard stops working completely.


Have you any ideas?


Best Regards.



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