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350D_Front Panel Connectors_Which is the Positive cable?


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Hi, i am building my new PC with a 350D case and a Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H Motherboard, and i have to connect the CASE Front Pannel Connectors to the Motherboard Front Panel Header with the CORRECT Positive and Negative pins..


All the cables are black, and only the POWER LED connectors are 2 separate cables each one named as + Positive and - Negative... The other cables )(POWER SWITCH, HARD DRIVE ACTIVITY LED, and RESET SWITCH) are 2 Joint cables each and they don't show which side is the POSITIVE and which is the NEGATIVE...


So the QUESTION is:

How can i find out which cable or side is the Positive and Negative on each cable? Does it really matter? What if i connect it Positive with Negative and vice versa?


I also noticed that the Double Connectors (POWER SWITCH, HARD DRIVE ACTIVITY LED, and RESET SWITCH) have a small TRIANGLE on the back, towards a side. Maybe this indicates the Positive or Negative? Which one will it be?


I am unable to find the 350D manual ONLINE (it did not came printed either). But i found the 800D manual, and there it says the following:

"Pin 1 is indicated by a small arrow on the connector"

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