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H80i Don't load in Link after reboot


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Hi everyone,


I've installed a new H80i and I can't make it stay work in link software. Every time it's the same issue. It work with a fresh new install of the Link software, but after a normal stop or reboot, the H80i appears inactive in the software. But there is still my graphic card fan/temp and the temp for my hard drives.

I've tryed everything I found here : changing cable from USB, changing ports, upgraded Link (2.4.4948), upgraded firmware (Hydro 2.0 - Fans 1.0.7).

The only solution I have found is:


1-Uninstall Link and Dongle

2-Shut down my computer

3-Unplug the USB Link cable

4-Reinstall Link and Dongle

5-Replug the link cable


And then my fans and all the rest appears normally in the soft only UNTIL THE NEXT BOOT.


Do I have to do this every time I need my computer? I hope no.


What can I do?



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I've been having similar issues upon reboot with my H80i. I'm also on 2.4.4948. However, in my case, I think just the LED settings become borked after a reboot, as in changing the settings doesn't do anything until I reinstall LINK. Someone mentioned in the thread I created that they believe it is a known bug and will (hopefully!) be addressed in the next software update.
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I just re-read your post.../QUOTE]


You have understand. My english is so good that your support reply to my ticket in german :)

So I will try my best.


I've opened a ticket.

they told me to update my BIOS and delete Link+dongle, reboot... etc

Done too. (MSI Z77A-GD65 -v10.10 @ 2013.7.23)

Now Link is loosing (or freeze values of) my H80i after +/- 10 min or after a minimize in the window's toolbar.

BTW I have check my power management settings in windows.

Same result.


Thank you for trying to resolve my problem.

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  • Corsair Employee

These are the steps I posted previously and they have to be followed to the letter with this issue in fact if you can run a program to clean the registry before you install the new version that may be needed as well.


I would remove any saved profiles and reset to default then close the software and do not save anything when you exit.. The please go to programs and Features and uninstall the Corsair Link software and then C-Link USB Dongle and restart the system.

The please down load C-Link 2.4.4948 and save it to as directory on your HDD not to your desktop and open the folder and right click on the install file and run it as an administrator.

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I Finally uninstall Link and Dongle, and also the toolsoftware for the graphic card. Then I reboot, and do a register cleaning.

I've re install the last drivers for my motherboard and ports, install link.


And it works! :D

Tested several reboots, differents profiles and configurations.


Thanks to all who help me :)

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I had the same (no Link after reboot) issue after installing a PCI USB2.0 Card to get another internal USB2.0 Header. I installed the driver on the CD that came with the card.


But since everything (Link, etc.) was working fine before the PCI Card install, it was obvious that the Card was the issue.


Uninstalled Link, Dongle, Profiles, etc. Uninstalled PCI Card Drivers. Reboot and clean Registry.


Reinstall Link. Works fine.


Shut down, reinstalled PCI Card, and let windows install drivers (didn't use CD drivers).


Everything still working fine.


Windows 8, AMD FX-8250, ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Rev2.0 MB.



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