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Two bad H100i with the same symptoms...


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Hello Everyone,


I've had an H100i cooling my system since March. Yesterday, I was unable to boot with a FAN ERROR message. Opened up the case, and all my fans were running, but the Corsair logo was glowinig bright red. The tubes were hot. I underclocked my system to see if I could get the temps down, but I was idle at 73c and climbing (in the bios). No changes had been made since the previous day.


I ordered a brand new H100i online and had it sent overnight Saturday delivery. I installed the new H100i and much to my surprise, it did the exact same thing.


1. From power on, LED goes from bluish to red to flashing red and then to red.

2. Two fans connected to the device, fans are working.

3. Wire is connected to CPUFAN header.

4. Bios is reporting N/A on fan speed.

5. Pump power cable is connected to SATA power.

6. Temperature quickly (less than 2 minutes0 climbs up to the ~70c range. It appears that no cooling is happening at all.

7. This is happening with both units.


I need to get this thing working ASAP. Do you have any advice on what I can do from here? If I have to RMA, I will, but I'll end up going back to air permanently. Hopefully this will not be neccessary...




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As I mentioned in my previous post, the bios is reporting N/A for for all fan RPMs, and as one of those should be the pump, I'd say that the bios is telling me that it can't detect the pump speed at all.


I just did a cold boot, and it was at 80c in the time it took for me to go into the bios, check the RPMs, exit the bios, get the CPU over temperature message and get back into the bios (probably 1.5 minutes tops).

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