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RAM guy can you sort this out.


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This have now been going on for 10 days, it is getting on my nerve.

You can read the ticket and contact me personally if you want.


When I finally get the shipping label and I read it, it says it's a Corsair Vengeance headset 1500 on the invoice and not my K70 keyboard.

Shipping weight also says 2lbs, the K70 weigh 4lbs and more.

I can't use this.


Can I get a proper shipping label and not have it dragged out for another 5+ days for something I was told would that 24-48 hours.


I appreciate the courtesy, but I don't understand why it is so hard to generate the shipping label for the correct product and so I can just send it in.



I just want to ship this and get my replacement, this is turning into a farce.

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