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k95 shift keys...


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I just purchased my K95 keyboard. I am somewhat happy with it and I want to love this keyboard but the shift keys are bothering me. They are not pressed down to the bottom easily and they feel a bit like they are catching rough friction. It feels almost like the keys sit on top of the switches too loosely. The rest of the keys seem much smoother.


Does anyone else experience this issue with the shift keys?


Also, like others, my k95 did not sit on all four legs evenly.. It has a slight wobble. But when I drop the legs down it is corrected.


For $150 I would be expecting a little bit better quality control. I am considering returning unless people have some solutions to said problems.

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Yeah I also get that.


I bought direct from Corsair. The right shift is perfect. But the left shift is having problems.


How do I remove the shift key? Can I just pull on it?


Hello Homestyle,


Are you still having the same "friction" issue? We will be more than happy to replace the unit for you if this does not get resolved.

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I just got my corsair vengeance k95 last week and I did notice the same thing. Is it possible for resellers to offer replacement as well (Overseas)? It is overall an awesome keyboard and I love it just want to make sure that it's how Corsair intended it to be and not a factory defect.
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