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TX850 v2 suppose to be so loud?


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So basicly i have had this power supply since the start of the year when I bought a completely new setup. My setup was reeeeally loud and just last week I bought a new case some new fans (corsair SP&AF QE). Thankfully my setup is alot quieter now :)... but I relised, hey my PSU is quite loud(even in idle). I booted up my computer wtih no fans plugged in just my PSU, and wow it is by far the loudest component in my computer! Running one of my fans on max RPM is just about the same as the sound my PSU emits.


So to me it seems the fan must be running at a very high RPM all the time. Im no computer expert so I'm not sure if this how it is meant to be. I've only built three computers and my first two I have never noticed even really a noise coming from the PSU's they are quite silent.


NOTE: I have already asked for a RMA about 1 or 2 days ago and am yet to get a reply. I decided I would post something to see what other people think and see if I should actually ask for RMA


Another NOTE: The noise is just the sound of the fan pushing alot of air!

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