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Fed up, dont know who to send this to.

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Good Evening.


In the past/present I have been purchasing corsair products (a lot of them) In total, I had too many products go bad. And frankly, I am quickly loosing faith in the company.


My first purchase was when I completed my new build a year and half ago, and purchased a Corsair 600T SE white, a HX750 and an 8GB XMS3 kit. The ram was bad out of the kit and exchanged it for some other brand) The top fan went back on the case within a week, but you guys (then) sent me (at no cost) a brand new fan to install. I was so impressed I even purchased a M90 mouse. I had it for two weeks and it died. You guys graciously replaced it and paid for the Rma shipping, but I had already found a new replacement mouse (Deathadder), so the replacement M95 you guys sent me stayed in a box for awhile, and then I sold it since I had no use for it. At the same time I bought the M90 I also got a Vengeance 1300 headset. Which was bad out of the box and had to return it. (I sold it too because it was very uncomfortable, I couldn't return it because stores have this "hygiene" policy that prevent us from return the product here).


Few months later I purchased a H100i cooler. Fantastic product (but the firmware shuffling was a pain because each firmware update brought on a new weird issue. Two weeks after buying that said H100 I got a K90 keyboard. Lasted a week and a half and then wouldn't turn on. Returned it to the store.


Few months ago, the second 240mm fan in my case went bad. RMA'ed that one too, and took almost a month to get an answer and an RMA number. Then a week after replacing the fan, the FAN CONTROLLER ON the 600T went bad. (that's the point where my blood starting boiling). I was able to route everything to a spare fan controller I had lying around.


Two weeks ago I decided to upgrade my motherboard and CPU, everything was working great, except on the second day, my system wouldn't turn on. and I RMA'ed my H100i because I diagnosed it down to the SATA connector preventing the system from powering on. (I tested a known good PSU and it had the same symptoms) I'm waiting to receive my new H100i right now.


Now, I'm down to my last straw, my H750 power supply is now making electrical noises when loading graphics (gaming) or data. VERY Annoying. (Again, tested with spare PSU and noise = GONE).


I've not had this many issues with other brands. I'm at wits end... and lost faith in what seems on the surface like a "quality" company.



So what's the next step? Who do I contact, who do I talk to?

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The RMA tickets I have submitted are already looked at. I have not however submitted my HX750. Doesn't solve my issue that I feel like I wasted a whole lot of money on products that break down. That's why I'd rather be able to talk to someone higher up. Just doing an RMA and keeping at it will obviously not fix the quality of the product at this point. And "just" doing an RMA doesn't express how discontent I am, of for that matter, all the other customers that are in the same boat as I am.


On top of which, I am a PC Hardware Tech, and I have always recommended corsair products for solutions to my customers. I feel torn doing that now.

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  • Corsair Employees

I just tried to call you personally and left a message for you to call us back and I will be happy to help you.

I have processed the request for the Fan controller and if you would like an advanced RMA you can call our customer servcie by phone at 888-222-4346 to make that request

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