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M65 + Mouse Mat tracking issues


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I just opened the box newegg sent me about an hour ago. I ordered:


Corsair Vengeance MM200 CH-9000014-WW XL Gaming Mouse Mat

Corsair Raptor K50 Black USB (1000 Hz USB report rate) Wired Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser FPS Gaming Mouse CH-9000022-NA Gunmetal Blk Wired Laser Mouse


*Firmware & Software*


K50 - FW 1.04 - SW 1.3

M65 - FW 2.26 - SW 1.3


SideNote - The mouse IS plugged into the back of the mobo in it's own slot. Now via the USB pass through on the keyboard.


I have rebooted.

I have changed USB ports.


The mouse will not track on any surface other than the backside of the mouse mat. On top of it or my desk it just jumps all around. Doesn't go up or down smoothly at all but side to side is...well it's ok. But not perfect. Any thoughts?


Win 7 x64 up to date.

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