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Corsair 900D Tubing Mod


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As there wasn't any Tubing / Hose grommets to pass hose to the outside off the 900d case


I made a blanking plate with hose grommets for one of the PSU mounting points. I would lose one PSU mounting point and gain the option to pass hose though the case to external radiators, water pumps, reserators etc.


The PSU blanking plate with Hose/tubing grommets I made using Brushed Aluminium to match the fount. The Aluminium I spray pained in Flat Black.


I found online closed grommets that I cut into to allow hose to pass though. I decided to replace the grommets with open grommets with inside diameter 19.2mm There is space for 4 grommets and possibly more hose grommet. I used 4 so that I can have 2 input's and 2 Outputs.


It's been cut to fit on ether PSU mounting point.


I have added a picture to show what it looks like.


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one of the largest cases on the market... wants all the radiators on the outside


that being said, unless you are running a gpu scenario needing a second psu, by all means i think that is a great solution, where did you get the grommets and what size are the openings?


The grommet I ended up using are 19mm inside diameter Grommets and the hose is 19mmOD (I am using XSPC hose) so it just about fits though the grommet.


The grommets I got from http://www.watercoolinguk.co.uk/p/Hose-Grommet-19mm-Internal-Diameter_173.html


The size of the opening is around 25mm. It's too big for the current grommets.


The opening for the grommets would need to be the inside diameter of the grommet + arround 1 - 2mm more.


I have a picture of the current grommets that I am still using. As you can see I have used blu tack to make them fit in place more securely.


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