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Corsair H80i LED settings not remembered on reboot w/LINK2


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Hi everyone, I've just recently moved to the H80i from the TT Water 2.0 Pro, and am liking the performance a bit more. The pump and fans are working great for me, but I was hoping I could get some assistance or explanation for the LED behavior with LINK 2.


I have LINK2 programmed to set the LED based on temperature, which works great once configured. Even if I shut down LINK, the LED changes just fine based on temperature. However, when I reboot, even if I have LINK start with windows (minimized to tray), the LED is stuck at its last state from before the reboot. I have a profile set up to save the settings, and it's set when I open the LINK software. I've tried versions 2.3.4816 as well as the BETA 2.4.4948, and the only noticeable difference in the beta is the program properly minimizes to the tray on startup (though I have read about the memory leak fixes it brings as well).


When I have it start with windows and I open it up, sometimes the "Temperature" radio button option is not selected for the LED; none of them are selected. I have to select one of the other two options before re-selecting the temperature based option. I do have the LED grouped with the average CPU temp though, so it works great...when it works.


Is there a fix to this? Am I mis-configuring something? Thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone, thought I'd just bring this topic back up rather than beginning a new one.


I'm still in the same boat regarding LED settings, and I've updated my LINK 2 software to 2.4.5065 RC. My H80i still won't hold temperature-based settings on reboot, grouped to my CPU temp. This happens even if the software starts with Windows.


Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

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