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Survivor 32GB Flash Drive Casing


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For work, I don't carry a bag or brief case. I only carry a flash drive with all my tools, utilities, scripts, installers, etc. on my keychain. I work as a Network Admin and do IT Consulting. I rely on my flash drive daily. In turn I needed something durable that would last (I had other brand flash drives with rubber and plastic casings that would break after a few months of hanging off my keychain).


Now, the Corsair Survivor is by far the best solution I've found, but after 18-24 months of use, the threads that screw on the protective outer housing of the unit are so worn, they barely hold the aluminum casing on anymore. Also, the rubber rings and O ring on the inside are worn and come off easily. Other than that, the drive itself works and is in good condition.


Does Corsair provide replacement casings and replacement rings (the outer shock absorber) and O rings?

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