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K95 Macros: Save to k95 Greyed out


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Hi, yesterday i purchased the corsair K95 which i think is a great keyboard but when i try to set my macro keys up for in-game use they wasnt working so i googled my problem and found out i need to click the 'save to K95' but its grayed out for me. What could be the problem?


Update: I tried run the software as administrator and it highlights although when i press MR M1 M2 or M3 on the keyboard nothing changes on the software but when i press it on the software it changes on the keyboard.


P.s. when i change the bios switch it lights up but when i assign a new macro key it just grays out again


Please help as if i dont get a answer today i will be returning the product.



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Copy+Paste the text on the information screen (little "i" at the top right hand corner)


If Firmware read NA,

Make sure K95hid.exe is running.

Latest chipset drivers and BIOS?

Do you have any other gaming device configuration software installed? If so, uninstall it and see if it works.

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