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Voyager AIR broadband speeds affected


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Hi there


I;ve recently purchased this device and am still getting to grips with it in some ways. I can successfully connect to it via the wifi from all devices, whether it's using the app on my ipad or through the network on my mac or laptop.


My main problem started when I physically connected the drive to my router via the ethernet cable. I try connecting to it as a networked drive and the lag is terrible when streaming videos to the point that it's impossible to watch one. Not only this but anyone else who happens to be using the internet in the house (on different devices) notices a massive drop in broadband internet speed.


I ran a quick broadband speed test because of this and noticed the following:

a) With the Corsair drive connected by ethernet but NOT switched on, I get my normal broadband speeds of circa 16mb/s download

b) as soon as I switch the Corsair drive on and run the broadband speed test again, my internet speed drops less than 2mb/s and sometimes to less than 1mb/s


As soon as I switch the Corsair drive off, the broadband speed goes back to normal and everyone in the house is happy as they can continue gaming online or surfing the net


Any ideas? I really want the Corsair acting as a 'nas' box on the network but not at the cost of my internet speed so is there a solution?



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  • Corsair Employees

We never encounter this issue with any of the router we used. Please make sure you have the latest firmware installed for your router, and try it again after hard reset (remember to set your wireless password again after hard reset).


What is the brand and model number of your router?

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Hi. Router is the Technicolor TG582n. I'll try a firmware update of that first as the 'fault' is getting very annoying. Literally half an hour ago my son came down, unable to play on Xbox live due to too much lag. Did a broadband speed test again and it was less than 1Mb/s. Unplugged Corsair drive from the router and the speed test went back up to my normal 16Mb/s.


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