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Cannot get 4 VS2GB800D2 DDR2 to work together


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Recently bought two slightly used Corsair DDR2 PC2-6400 VS2GB800D2 modules on ebay to expand memory from 4 to 8 GB on my Asus M2npv-mx motherboard. But when I inserted the "new" ram modules, my computer wont boot and I get one long beep and two short. I tried to remove my own modules to see if there were a compatibility problem, but computer will not boot when I have either 1 or both of the "new" modules. All 4 modules are VS2GB800D2, but my modules have slightly different s/n: 3571902 and 3571901 and both have number 10510201 on the label.


The "new" ones have different numbers : 100815 10421087 and 2759342 10452185.


The seller has accepted return of the memory modules so I will return them. He tested them on his motherboard before they were sent, so I would like to know if the recently bought modules are faulty or if there are compatibility issues with VS2GB800D2 ram modules.


Any suggestions ?

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