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Corsair neutron gtx 120 battery life


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my corsair neutron gtx 120 consume more battery than my regular HDD

laptop lenovo ideapad y480


with my HDD i get 3:30 - 4:00 hours of battery

with the corsair gtx 120gb i get 2:00-2:30 hours



I read that the SSD consumes less energy than a HDD

is this a problem? or is normal



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"Cool and quiet, with low power consumption

Traditional mechanical hard drives spin at thousands of revolutions per minute. This takes power, and generates noise and heat. Since SSDs have no moving parts, there's no noise or vibration, and the lower power consumption helps keep things cool inside your PC. It can also save battery life on notebooks."


I have tested with the same configuration in power save mode and in the ssd the battery life only hold up 2:00 -3:00 only surfing in the web and in the hdd 3:00-3.30 doing the same (no videos,no music,no games) only surfing


thanks for reply

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Hi there!

Hehe...Look, I took the Corsair GT 120GB out of my watercooled PC and bought the Samsung 840 Pro 256GB to repalce it and put that Corsair GT in my laptop (older Dell D630 with Intel C2D T7500/4GB RAM). The battery life rose from ~3 hrs to nearly 4 hrs. Seriously, I thought it will be more than that. But I am happy with that anyway.


There is definitely something wrong in the laptop with the energy distribution and monitoring. I suggest you not to watch and believe the numbers but test it physically instead. That will tell you the truth.


That's what I would do. Cheers!

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