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Firmware update oddness


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I just built a new machine with a Z77 chipset. I have a single Corsair 120gig Neutron GTX attached to the Intel controller. It is a stand-alone (non-raid) drive, though the controller is in RAID mode for other drives.


When using the SSD Toolbox to update firmware from M306 to M311, it reported failure. However, after exiting back to the main Toolbox window, I note that it showed the firmware as now M311.


I rebooted to be certain, and it seems to be updated and running fine.


But it would be nice if the update tool did not report false-negatives.


In other news: I'm very appreciative to be able to update the firmware even with the controller in RAID mode (as opposed to AHCI). I was not entirely certain it would work. Thank you.

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