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Corsair 200R ATX mounting point


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Just recieved my ATX 200r in the mail today, however when I opened it I found that one of the mounting holes was capped and protruding.The one located in the second row second column.


Here it is in reference to the other standoffs.


As you can see, there is no way to put a bolt into the standoff as it is covered and protruding.


Also, I have a micro-atx motherboard, do I need to install or remove any of the standoffs.


Also, do fingerprints etch into the metal? I was trying to unscrew it and left some fingers prints. Tried to wipe them off with my shirt but it didn't come all the way off.


Found another problem, there seems to be only 6 mounting points on my microATX motherboard but there are 9 preinstalled mounting points. This means that there will be 2-3 standoffs sticking out that is near my motherboard. What should I do? will this short my motherboard?

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You can remove that standoff if you want. Its there so people can know if the motherboard is installed correctly.


If i remember correctly, The standoffs are preinstalled for ATX motherboards. If you are using a microATX mother board, you can remove the standoffs and place them where you need it.

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The thing about the 200r is that the standoffs are preinstalled so I am unable to take them out. So the standoff in the picture is unremoveable. The only standoff that is removable is the below that which is for the MicroATX configuration, which I need to move one slot down because of the configuration of my motherboard.
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