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So I m looking for a new case.


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I have been hunting for the last few weeks for all the perfect parts and components and I've nailed down everything except for one thing: the case.


Now I'm a patient person who does a lot of research before I buy. I like to pit brands against one another in my research and see who comes out on top. Corsair is 4 for 5 in the battle for my dollar. The fifth match, the battle for which case to buy, was close but ultimately didn't go Corsair's way.


It would be a shame for all of the winning Corsair components to be housed in a non-Corsair case. The decision has been made and my mind can't be persuaded or bought.


I am patient however and I believe in second chances. I would never ask Corsair to break their silence on any products in development before they're ready, that would be bad for business. But if I were to revisit Corsair's midtower case lineup in a month or two, would Corsair still be 4 for 5?

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I already have a Corsair case but in the market to upgrade, sadly tho corsair has no midi tower with proper rad support. 540 air cube comes close, but not really my taste.


I honestly would like to see a midi tower case that has a basement for PSU and maybe a quad or tripple rad and harddrive cage, just to get all the stuff out of the way of the motherboard area.


If it was not a impossible job id maybe look into getting a 900D and start cutting it down a size or two!

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sadly tho corsair has no midi tower with proper rad support.


Ya and so Corsair is 4 for 5 in my showdown. I'll be a bit patient but from what I can see the 750D isn't quite going to cut it.


How about I just tell you what I want in a case and you make it? Sound good? :sunglasse



Update the 650D:

  • Fewer 5.25" Drive Bays (3 is a good number)
  • Larger and more customizable fan/radiator mounts top/front/rear/bottom.
  • Get rid of the little door for the front I/O panel and either put the I/O on top of the case or on the facade.
  • Keep all the nice grommets, filters, detachable side panels of the current 650D
  • Keep its gorgeous looks (You have a really slick design, kudos to its progenitor)
  • You don't need all those drive cages in a midtower case. I just don't see people who buy it needing room for that many HDDs in the age of cloud storage and SSDs. Obviously you need a few but don't hamstring yourselves thinking you need to fit all of those cages, it's a midtower afterall.
  • Pass Go and collect $200 for making the best midtower case ever.


Honestly just take a 750D, trim it down a bit, give it a bottom fan intake (with filter), slap some of the 650D side panels on it and win.


Seriously, if the 750D pics around here are real, you are SO close to having what I would personally consider the hands down BEST chassis out there.


But that's just my opinion.

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I really like the size,and styling, it's the side panels thats holding me back from one. The latches and need for ease of access to my system are a huge selling point for me. I just don't want to have to mess with thumb screws , not to mention not having to worry about loosing them.


Sorry RG and Corsair George! I have to be honest! :)


I might just get a second 650D for my next build. I'm really happy with it and it has served me very well. Might just stick with what works! ::)

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I recently built an AMD system in the 500R case (See system details).


The Air 540 case has been something that I'd like to try, so I ordered one and built the identical system in the Air 540.


Across the board the temps in the 540 are running 3 to 6 degrees cooler (Celsius).


The only cooling difference is that the 540 has 3 140mm fans, where the 500r has 3 120mm fans.


Very pleased with the 540, and it will become my daily driver.



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