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M65+Motherboard USB Problems


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I have owned my M65 mouse for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it except for one big issue I am having with it.

When I plug it into the motherboard USB ports, it seems to make the computer completely unresponsive, sometimes within a mater of minutes, other times it takes hours.

This is the breakdown of how it happens from my perspective:

-power seems to stop flowing to all USB ports (case and motherboard). If I wait then plug the mouse back in the LEDs on my mouse will come back on and then turn right back off.

-the computer will still be running and then become unresponsive as if it where to freeze up after a couple seconds from loosing power to the USB ports.

At this point, since USB ports aren't working (since there is no power flowing through them) and the computer has become unresponsive (its easy to tell simply by looking at the clock and how its not running), the only option I seem to have is to restart the computer.

However, when I plug it into the case USB ports, it seems to run without faults (or at least it has now for about 48 hours now).

While this workaround is great, I would really love to have this mouse plugged into the back of the case instead of the front. I installed corsair firmware first thing when I purchased the mouse directly from the USB 3.0 ports on the motherboard.

The ports on the case are USB 2.0 and the ports on the motherboard are 3.0. I have also turned off any power saving feature to the USB ports so they are always running in an attempt to fix the problem.

If I have failed to give enough information for anyone to help, please let me know what I need to give.

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Have you tried plugging the mouse into the USB 2.0 port at the back of the motherboard?

I do not have any 2.0 ports on my motherboard, they are all 3.0 ports.


Latest BIOS and chipset drivers?

As for the chipset drivers, I am at a complete loss with that. I have no idea what they are and a search on the Intel website proved useless (to me at least) since I do not know what I am looking for.

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If your front ports work and not the rear ones, there may be an issue with the physical ports themselves. Do you have any issues with any other peripherals?


Absolutely none. I currently have connected a TP LINK adapter since I dont have a physical internet connection and I also use a Logitech K740 keyboard which I initially figured may be the problem due to its age. However, I have quite a few days without any failures, specifically since my mouse has been plugged in to my case ports.

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