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Different size RAM modules – 2x2 GB + 2x4 GB?


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Now, I’m sorry if this has been answered in a plain way somewhere, but I surely can’t find any answers that makes sense.


I’ve just upgraded my son’s computer (specs. in my sig) from 4 GB to 8 GB RAM by replacing the two “old” sticks of 2x2 GB. My son is pretty happy with the upgrade, but since I function as his financial institution (I pay! ;) I find it a bit annoying that he can’t take advantage of the previous sticks – 8 GB is nice but 12 GB is even better. But is this even possible?


There are a lot of letters and digits on the labels but several things are the same – Corsair (of course), XMS3, DDR3, 1600MHz, 1.65V etc. - but this is apparently not a guaranty that it will work?


I have tried the sticks in various configurations – in pairs, the big ones first, the small ones first and lastly according to the color coded sockets (two are blue and two are black). But the computer just keep rebooting.


Any help would be appreciated.



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You are more than welcome to try what you like, but mixing memory is hit or miss and not a practice Corsair suggests or supports.


If you have them set correctly in your BIOS and it keeps restaring there may be nothing you can do to get them to run together.


What are the exact BIOS settings you have for the memory?

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