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2 different version numbers in ONE kit package?!


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Hi everybody...

just bought a XMS3 2*4GB 1600MHz kit and when i opened it i realized that everything about them is the same but their version numbers!

both are CMX4GX3M1A1600C11 (11-11-11-30 1.50V)

but one is Ver 3.24 and another one is Ver 5.12 !!!!

is that normal?!or should i be worried?!

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Thank you peanutz94 for your answer.I've read a lot of your useful post in this forum.

the box was sealed but i think you're right,the dealer man some how put two single stick in a kit box.(Welcome to middle east!)

unfortunately i cant get a refund so i have to bear with these two single stick.

consider to exact same specifications whats the chance of a successful dual channel?(with two single stick,not a kit)

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Really about 50/50 . But those are not a real "kit" those are just single sticks packaged together. Really i guess in your situation there isn't much choice but to at least try them . The worst that could happen is they don't work.


I know Corsair wouldn't do that and heave never seen it before. The different version numbers mean they came from different batches using completely different chips for their construction and would not have otherwise been packaged together.

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