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K95 Macro + Autoclick


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Useful tip rashdanml.


Did some testing with some games and the mouse keys don't seem to function in them. Not even pressing them on the keyboard itself.

Does it work outside of the game? If not, it may be due to a mistake in the settings.


I can't remember if I had to do anything else within the game to get it to work. Maybe re-bind the left click to numpad 5, which shouldn't really be needed at all. Only tested it with Skyrim.


e: I actually remember having to press and hold the macro key (for the Lycosa, any key can trigger macros) for the auto-clicker to work (which was basically pressing down on numpad 5, holding for 1-2 seconds, then letting go). Pressing down and holding the macro key kept that macro going infinitely. A single press of the macro key didn't work, iirc. Dunno how much of that applies to the K95 though, don't have it to try out.

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