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Issues with Refurbished 500R


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Hey there,


I ordered a Corsair 500R (refurbished) from the Corsair web site a few weeks ago. I had heard from other people that Corsair has great quality control and that refurbished cases are typically in excellent condition. Unfortunately, my case has some issues that I have been trying to resolve, but both my emails to support and my RMA request (ticket 6083744) have gone unanswered for 8 days now.


Generally, the case looks like it was mistreated by whoever had it before it was refurb'd. First, one of the optical drive retention clips arrived broken and sitting at the bottom of the case. I suppose this might have happened during shipping somehow. Two of the PCI slot covers were bent -- I managed to straighten them somewhat -- and some of the screws holding the PCI slot covers (and also the front intake fans) in place are badly stripped. There were also a number of scratches on the interior of the case right out of the box. I really think I should be allowed to return this for a refund. I'd prefer to return the case rather than patch it with individual replacement parts.



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