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2 Vengeance Memory types in same system...Different part numbers same timings..help


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Hi I'm a bit concerned here.


I just purchased more vengeance memory for my computer in order to crank out more virtual machines with more memory for testing.


I have a rampage IV extreme mobo/3930K Processor

Quad Channel Memory


I had 16GB of Vengeance ram Part Number (4x 4GB) - CM3X4GBA1600C9V4

These were populating the 4 red banks on the mother board


I got 16 more GB in today. (4x 4GB)

Their part number is different - CMZ8GX32M2A1600C9

They are in the black banks on the rampage IV mobo.


I just realized the part number difference when I got them in the mail.


However, the timings are all exactly the same 9-9-9-24

Voltage is the same etc.


Only difference I noticed is the CM3X4GBA use XMP 1.2


The New ones CMZ8GX use XMP 1.3


Under CPU -z the New ones are listed as PC3-10700

The old ones are listed as PC3-10700H


Some JEDEC settings look a little different but XMP-1600 between the 2 match perfectly. Im using XMP on my motherboard profile.


I had a brain fart when looking at the part numbers since before I bought them I matched the timings and the Vengeance type.


Any suggestions?


Any corsair people or forum folks who are experienced people in this have any ideas?


System is running fine no issues so far in the past 8 hours.


Im not overclocking the memory. Im just running XMP profile from the asus BIOS and all the memory is for is more VMs.




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It not going to matter. The XMP profile is backwards compatible with the 1.2v. Either way it's not going to effect your performance any. And as long as everything is good and stable you should be good to go.


Thanks for the reply.


Just to be safe I ran a full memory test which took a few hours and cranked out about 10 VMs sucking up all that memory. and played some WoW.


No issues so far so I think I am in the clear (knock on wood)

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