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Corsair Flash Voyager 32Go : Bug


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Sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french.


I got this usb key : http://i2.cdscdn.com/pdt2/2/g/b/1/700x700/cmfvya32gb/rw/corsair-flash-voyager-32go.jpg


It worked perfectly until some weeks ago.


I tried it on many computers but it's not still working anymore :s


I installed CORSAIR SSD Toobox and then I can see the light of the product but it's not working.


Can you help me please?

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Let’s have this unit replaced. Please go to corsair.force.com and put in your RMA request through Corsair customer portal. You may have to create new username and password if you’re a new portal user. Once your account created, you can access all your Cases, RMA(s), technical support questions in one place.
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