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Corsair Link and original H80 problems


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*Edit*: Problem got worse. See below.


I've been using the H80 cooler for some time now (not the H80i). I decided to invest in the Link cooling kit to enable fine-tuning of the fans.


I have now installed the Link commander unit and connected it to a USB header on the motherboard and to the H80 with the included cable. However, the Corsair Link 2 software reports that the pump is not running and that the fans are constantly changing speeds to anywhere from 600 to 9000 rpm. None of this is true of course.


Some information:

Software is v2.3.4816

Corsair Commander 2 has firmware v2.0.6

The H80 is version 0.13.16 and using the original, included fans

Temp readings are fine for ssd, cpu and gpu.

I have not connected anything else to the commander unit except the H80

The pump icon is red and pulsing.

One of the H80 fan icons has an orange border. The other one does not.

There is an icon called H80 temp 4 which shows 150,0w. I have no idea what that means.

The motherboard is an ASUS P6T deluxe v2.

No other monitoring software is installed, Asus made or otherwise

I'm running Windows 7 64bit


I would like to know how to get this kit to correctly read and control the fan speeds of the H80, as well as correctly read the pump activity. I also understand that it's possible to read the coolant temp with this kit. Unless this it what's being read as 150,0w (?) it doesn't appear to be happening.


Thanks in advance for any help



This just got at whole lot more serious and annoying. After opening the CorsairLink2 software for about the fifth time today it suddenly decided to take control of the H80 fans. Now it's turning them from fast to slow to fast again continiously. There is a blinking picture of a person on the H80 unit. This continues even though I have disconnected the H80 from the Link Commander. I have tried resetting the H80 as described here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=103931. Didn't help at all.


Please advise.

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Please disconnect the H80 from the Corsair Link and see if it works properly as stand alone. If not I would suggest you request an RMA and let's get it replaced.


Thank you for your answer. The H80 doesn't work when disconnected either. Looks like starting the software actually broke the H80's fan controller! I suppose it's RMA time. I assume it's only the H80 that you're suggesting I get replaced, and not the Link as well?

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