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Yet another wobbly K95


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I bought a K95 that turned out to be uneven and wobbly. After some consideration I took it to my local store and got a replacement. Now I have yet another K95 with the exact same problem.


I have opened a ticket with Corsair support to get a replacement, but I'm worried it'll just be a standard replacement that's also wobbly.


I'm noticing they are promising people replacements that aren't wobbly around here, but I am in Europe (nordic version) and I think this probably goes through different channels.


So... should I ask for my money back and move on, or do I still have a chance of getting a wobble-free K95?

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I had the same issue with my k95. I solved it simple with a twist.I noticed when my multimedia was not working do to windows not having the proccess enabled, after that I had the right top corner not sitting on desk and I could tip it down.

So I had the keyboard on the desk I picked on the air the top 2 corners and the bottom was still on the desk and I twisted the left corner holding the right on the air. I didn't use much force to it just a little, when I put it down it did line up and no more knocking on heavens door from it.


After all the frame is metal so holding it on the air with 1 point should bent it a bit. So carefull when you are cleaning your desk.


Hope the tip will help you.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello MrWobbly,


Please let me know if the suggestion above works. If not, please submit a RMA and we will replace this unit for you. The wobbling of the keyboards has already been addressed, so a replacement will take care of this.

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