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How i used a H70 to cool a Titan-PICS!!!

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I took some pics of my using a Corsair H70 to cool Asus GTX TItan. If your weak of heart or get scared easy you may want to cover your eyes and have someone read this to you :laughing:


Warning** This is an advanced mod, don't do this mod if your worried about losing you card. Messing this up can result in a dead card.


Ok, vanilla case shot, don't mind my mess, need to get to that :roll:


ocn titan thread by cravinmild, on Flickr


A pile of AIO coolers, some no longer work and one is a dual pump unit for the cpu/gpu (I used the gpu bracket for this mod) so I have lots of parts to pick over.


ocn titan thread pumps by cravinmild, on Flickr


This bracket was a perfect fit, dumb luck or what :D: I dry fit the bracket here to show how it lines up. Funny as my Asus 580 has the exact same mounting holes, I used it on that card also for a year or so before moving this bracket to the titan. This insures a perfect fit and almost impossible to crush the die below the pump.


ocn titan thread bracket fits by cravinmild, on Flickr


Here is a shot of the bracket after notching the bracket to fit around one of the shroud mounting point. Just used an utility knife and carved it out. No harm to the bracket, it still has lots of rigidity.


bracket on cooler notch by cravinmild, on Flickr


I noticed something about the original heatsink- it uses a recessed mount which drops through the heatplate by several millimeters to contact the actual die below it. Here the H70 pump has been dry fitted to the heatplate and the thickness of the heatplate. My Mod will not work like this, this H70 needs to touch the die to remove the heat the die creates.


mount on heatsink by cravinmild, on Flickr


Im pretty fubared here but UREKA! I remembered I had a H100 which died and the pump has a copper plate at the bottom. I thought perhaps I could modify it to work as a makeshift shim and fill the gap between the H70 and die below :eek: I removed the copper block from the H100 and placed it by the gap it needs to fill. Guess you notice it its too big ... and there is a fin array which is a millimeter or more taller than the copper plate around it. It also has recessed channels on either side of the fin array.


H100 copper block on pcb by cravinmild, on Flickr


Home Depot has wonderfull things like saws and hammers and files, everything I need to turn this hunk of copper into a fully functional copper shim. It was awesome the copper plate has screw holes around it as I could now screw it down while I worked on it. I filed and filed and sanded and sanded and cut and cut and sanded and filed and cut some more


shim filing by cravinmild, on Flickr


And after all that I hardly make a dent in the copper, serious this is a thick hard plate of copper, its not an easy job and my arm hurt aftwards. When I was done and thought it was nice enough to work on my titan I placed it on the die and checked to see if I got it flush so no extra pressure is sent downward from the H70 pump and crush the die.


shim on die by cravinmild, on Flickr

:D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: Perfect fit, im happy


The finished product


OCN Titan complete sample by cravinmild, on Flickrhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3784/9565747235_1c5543f964_b.jpg

titan complete on table by cravinmild, on Flickrhttp://farm6.staticflickr.com/5459/9568540388_21aec1d4fd_b.jpg

titan finished in case whoot by cravinmild, on Flickrhttp://farm6.staticflickr.com/5505/9568533208_63c328c7ce_b.jpg

case blurry by cravinmild, on Flickrhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3768/9565738421_c21f1b73db_b.jpg

case shot close up by cravinmild, on Flickr



So temps have obviously dropped. 30c off load, down to 45-54c depending on voltage but the card is almost completely silent, compared to stock it may as well be. I have the stock fan turned up I think im comfortable and backing it down to 20% full time. I have also seen the card drop as 25c but mostly sits at 30c. Its pretty awesome to get those temps and not to hear this card screaming. The card was almost at its full potential on stock cooling and from what I see this mod has not made the card any better than it was before. I hit the same core speeds regardless of cooling solution but the new cooler can do it almost silent. I hear the fridge running :laughing:

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Ya, it was more work than I had originally thought. I don't mind though as I enjoy this type thing a lot. Its not just ripping down an expensive component I enjoy but setting up for the photo shoot, planning the posts afterwards and of course the benefits of a quiet pc. I wanted to proper water cool it but alas the store I walked into with money in hand has a 4-6 week wait on blocks. I could order but for something like this I like local, talk with the sales staff, easy rma. The original block I wanted is not sold in Canada and I could be looking at a 75% border tax on the entire cost. I decided it was a headache and this was free other than my time. Perhaps if I sli I will then pony up and order used blocks ebay.


Anyways, thanks for the comment, glad you like the mod. Scared the crap out of me doing it but not doing it was worse.

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