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New Install of Link fan/light kit


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I rebuilt my entire system. I added a new sound card and the lighting/link kit from Corsair.


Fresh install of Windows 8



3 x 4GB Mushkin RAM

core i7 970

2x 670 GTX

SoundBlaster Z

Air cooler for cpu

Corsair 900D

light module on channel two with 2 leds

fan module with 4 pwm corsair SF 120's


I can press the button on the lighting module to change the color of the lights

All 4 fans are spinning


When I open Corsair link 2 there are no options to control the fans or the lights. I see temps for my cpu and gpus but nothing for the fans or the lights


please help

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Please remove any saved profiles and then reset to default and close Corsair Link and do not save anything on exit. Then go to Programs and features and uninstall the Corsair Link software and then uninstall Corsair USB dongle and restart Windows.

Then down load Corsair Link Software Update Beta Version 2.4.4948 to a directory on your HDD not to the desktop and then right click on the install file and run as an administrator.

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I would love to. However, I don't know how. I read the How To Guide and it tells me to look under Tools | Device Mgmt. I have a device tab on the left, but nothing that says tools. In my devices, there is nothing for the light node, cooling node or the commander....just my mobo, cpu, and gpus.


I have no idea where to look.

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You need the older version to recognize the firmware that shipped on the node. After you upgrade the firmware, you can go back to a newer version. You probably just have to flash the commander.


You are absolutely correct. Took me 4 days of hacking, then found Toasted's post on how to update the Firmware when you can't see the Commander and Nodes in the current Corsair Link.


Search through posts by "toasted"



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no dont update if it works newer isnt always better...


I agree. The newer cooling firmware might work better with some fans. I didn't upgrade for a long time and then the nodes stopped working. Fans would stop spinning and other odd behaviors. I went ahead and upgraded and they have been ok since.

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