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Any way to increase the the led flickering frequency on the K70 keyboard?


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Firmware update maybe?


I'd rather not rip it apart and figure out a hardmod. Would be nice to be able to use the backlight without seeing it flicker annoyingly.


The only time i have seen K70 flicker is in videos. If your K70 flickers, it must be defective.

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How bad is the flickering? Most of the LED's on mechanical keyboards do flicker on film as Dims said but we haven't seen any issues with it in person.


The flicker is probably around 100Hz, could break out the optical sensor and the scope to verify. I find it annoying enough that I don't use the backlight at all.


A firmware update to increase the led matrix scan rate (I'm guessing this is how you're doing the individually-addressed LEDs) would be very easy for your dev guys to do. Change a constant and recompile.

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You got the software from logitech on your pc? I formated my pc yesterday and after installing logitech software the corsair software crashed and reloaded after 3 min but the logitech didn't run before restart. But the wierd was that all the key where flickering, so I moved the keyboard to other port and worked as normal.


Now I remembered why I moved the keyboard from his working usb port at the format. The port I use it gives access to bios from the keyboard but it did work on windows install at all so moved it to the second usb slot from tge top usb pair.


Asus p8p67 deluxe.


Hope it will work for you. It is a awsome keyboard. Have it 3 days now still need to get used to it not to hit the G buttons or the caps lock instead of A.



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I agree that the LED PWM frequency is a problem (at least for people sensitive to flickering like myself). I have not verified the exact frequency but I would say that it is quite high compared to DLP projectors and 3D glasses.


I would like to get a reply from Corsair if they have plans on fixing this or not in a firmware update. If not, I will return the keyboard within 2 weeks for a refund :(:

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There is a K70 FW update available which adds a "high power mode setting". It might do something but it is a "use at your own risk".



Add High power mode setting. Use at own risk. Recommended to use with USB 3.0 ports only since at high power setting the current is over USB 2.0 maximum spec of 500mA. USB 3.0 ports maximum 900mA.

To activate

Press down “Brightness + F12” keys while re-plugging USB connector

To deactivate

Press down “ESC” keys while re-plugging USB connector



- ESC+replug restores factory default

- ESC+replug on K95 will delete stored macro data

- High power setting comes best out with low ambient light. With “office light” difference between high and low power will not be immediately visible

Source: K70 firmware update

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