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Corsair M65 Scroll Wheel Loose and Rattles

Crell Vorlem

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Recently Corsair replaced my M60 mouse with the M65 due to what I think was a problem with it's laser. After opening my M65, I noticed the scroll wheel was loose and would rattle from side to side. There's a few spots on the scroll wheel where while in that position, it feels more solid.


When I bought my first M60 it had this exact problem with the scroll wheel and Corsair replaced that one with another M60 which also had a loose scroll wheel although not nearly as bad as the previous one so I didn't send it back and that one lasted about a year before having issues with it's laser. Now the M65 they replaced that one with has a rattling scroll wheel.


I think this is a really excellent mouse and a noticeable improvement over the M60 but wish the quality of the scroll wheel could match the rest of the mouse.


As I have to pay for shipping these mice back each time Corsair sends me a faulty one, I'm disinclined to try that again. Does anyone have similar issues with their M60s and M65s? A while ago I bought someone a M60 as a gift and recently compared their scroll wheel to mine and that M60 has a very solid and properly working scroll wheel.


Thanks for any information you may have.

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