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Vengence 1500 - Static Noise


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I've been experiencing the sound through my Vengence 1500s to become really staticy at random. I've recorded a video and uploaded it to youtube for reference. The noise/static comes and goes as it pleases and I have no idea what the reason is. Lowering and raising the volume will only make the static volume lower/higher. I've reinstalled the drivers multiple times installing the ones from the corsair website. Can't seem to get that noise to go away.


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Have you tried a different USB port? Does it help?

- At first, I thought it may have been a problem with the usb connections on my computer case, however I switched the usb connection to the 2.0 and 3.0 connections on the I/O ports on my mother board and the sound has still persisited.


When does it happen?

- It really does happen randomly. I would be playing League of Legends and Faster Then Light and it will still occur. It occurs when I'm watching anime and when I'm listening to music either on SoundCloud or Spotify.


What media player are you using?

- For the most part I'm using Spotify.

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