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I have a new 500R which i bought a couple of days ago now and i have been using the machine with everything setup. Came to notice that the fans that came with the case do not seem to power on, unless i use my split power adapter which is plugged into the mother board, so i do know all the fans work as i have tested them with this.


I don't know if this is something stupid on my end, i have made sure all the connections are solidly in place and not half in to see if that is the problem and all of them are sorted and in place. I know they are not working because i do not see the LED lights on them, i think this could be a problem with the control unit on the front of the case but i can't see to get any access to it because it seems tighter than a ducks "you know what".


Anyone got any suggestions on how to get this sorted? as i really need some cooling in this case i have 6 drive bays in the front and the 6 internal bays will all be full very soon so i need some cooling.


Any help would be appreciated



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