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Corsair Graphite 600t Case Feedback & Suggestion


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tl;dr: I love the case, but with some minor tweaks it would have been perfect.


This review is based on 6 months-1 year ownership.


Let me start by saying that Corsair has done a wonderful job in both design and outer-look for this case. Coming from an Antec 300 (v1), I was amazed at how easy it was to install the hardware into the case. I was one of those folks who would lose screws often, so to find a case that only needed 3-5 (not including fan mounts) was a good purchase for me. Not to mention the surprise I got when I saw all the different customization options I had once all the components were installed. I went from default to an H60 Liquid CPU Cooler, and replaced the 200mm top exhaust fan with a x2 120mm white led fan. Let me just say, I spend 5-10 minutes a day just staring at it.:p:


Feedback (because cons would imply it's a bad for most):

I will number these suggestions, so I can keep track in case of repeats.

1. Top exhaust cutout looks odd: I don't know why, but it just looks kind of out of place with the case. Also, this area is a bit dust friendly since there is no air to keep the dust either floating or off.


2. Lock feature not really useful: Although this case is heavy once it's fully loaded, you would have to be pretty dumb to open the door, remove the hardware screw+cable, and close the door (to make it less obvious). I don't see a heavy case (with no top handle) such as this one being used for a public (unsafe) place either.


3.Top Exhaust Dust Friendly:

I cover this a bit in 1, but this area requires a bit extra work to clean nicely. I wish more companies would pay attention to this problem for those of us who like to keep a dust free CPU (or are simply lazy and do not wish to clean it often).



1.I would have loved a 200mm fan cut out instead, to help differentiate itself from the other corsair cases (it would be the first if I am not mistaken).


2. Remove the lock+key area to the front with the fan knob next to it (I think it's rare for someone to use more than 3 Drive bays). Or simply remove it entirely, and give it to the Corsair Vengeance C80. ;):


3. Give us a closeable roof for when the PC is off. Just something to keep the dust off during power off would be nice.

  • A. Just simply add a lever or switch to open the roof, like the Rosewill Thor Full Tower. You can go even cheaper and just add in a latch door that opens up (like the ones you see in submarines).
  • B. (Fancy): Automatic. It closes when the computer is powered off, and opens when the computer is powered on.


Note: I actually had to remove a whole paragraph of details, because of how much fun I was having with this one.


Summary: I would love to see one of these suggestions make it to a future case (it would at least give me enough excuse to upgrade for it :biggrin:). Thanks, for your time!

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