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2x h80i and link setup working...sort of


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Victory! On dual xeon system with corsair link cooling setup (commander and cooling node)....albeit with caveats!


Firstly, thought I would have to RMA the whole shebang...as one h80i kept coming up as not recognized when plugged into one of my only usb 2 headers....after 5 hrs switching cables (while system was live!) and generally restarting and mucking about, isolated a bad usb pump to header cable. THEN took the gamble of flashing each h80i with latest firmware (note this is after 1 week!!!! of mucking around with this difficult mobo and case ..asus z9pe-d8 ws and d900...). The really crucial thing, was I couldn't connect commander AND the two h80i's at the same time having only two headers. Actally tried to cheat (mini usb from the pumps straight out the back to the usb 2 from the mobo backplate!) but no that didn't work. So flashed them one at a time using the one good mini-usb cable.


Success! Weeelll not quite...as an earlier post mentioned, you have to let them fail, disconnect the sata power, reconnect (while it's all still live...damn I hope those 12v rails are a/c!), THEN it starts again and all is recognized.


Note I flashed the 'sic' commander first, then the h80i's. Then connected each h80i individually to the commander, as well as the cooling node to the commander via those pita link cables.


So I am almost there, only have to disconnect/reconnect sata power to the h80is for it to go and for everything to be recognized.


No thanks to Corsair for generous inclusion of total lack of support, no instructions, shoddy quality assurance etc etc...!!:mad: I guess there's a reason the corsair link products are now being given away! Just about...


Still, being the nightmare it is to RMA products, especially after a build/assembly, hope this can help someone!


Summing up:


No you can't daisy chain products...they all need to be connected to commander (I stand to be corrected)


Yes iff connecting h80i to commander, firmware updates are recommende


Check your usb cable! Before you go rma'ing....


No you don't need to use all your precious usb headers on mobo...but you need them to flash the firmware....once that is up and working (and hopefully all the bits and bobs talk to each other) the one header to the commander should be enough.


Addendum: helpful hint from a dude on overclock.net forums: nzxt makes usb header expanders, srry don't have the link.....which you stick on the mobo somewhere with double-sided tape or velcro....very cool!


PS...this is only a halfway solution, as per usual waiting for Corsair to fix their products...not very likely!:evil:

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No mate, it' above all the total lack of documentation and lack of someone who could be bothered to write a manual...e.g. the commander has a 2-pin link out to mobo case fan header, which isn't mentioned (and still non-existant), and only by going through forums with a fine-toothed comb would you realize it¨s for connecting to corsair cases with fan controls. In fact the cooling kit/cooling and lighting kits come with no installation instructions whatsoever! Ditto on the web (wow I think I saw one SOMEWHERE but can't for the life of me find it anywhere)....I won't even mention how bad the h80i instructions/lack of was....


Anyway, says a lot about how they have nice products (like my luvely case! and my asus mobo!::pirate::) but like ASUS they're just diabolical at the front end/customer service...I could go on and on, but this forum is evidence enough!


Edit: The whole point of corsair cooling link is that the parts should interconnect....and if it doesn't work, and iff you give no instructions, and if manuals are totally missing....ergo total fail! Sorry mate, they're complete tossers in my book....

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