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Interested in a M95. Need to clarify some things.


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I'm a long time Logitech user and am in a bit of a spot as their current generation of mice are too small for my hand. I was in my local computer store and was able to put my hand on a M95 and it's the best I've come across in terms of multi-button mice.


Being a long time Logitech user I'm a bit hesitant to jump over without clarifying some things I came across or lacked detail in my research.


Hopefully someone can help me with these. Mostly about the gaming software:


1)Mouse Clicks in Corsair Gaming Software (CGS)


When reading through the Software User Guide I saw on pages 12 that Button 1 (Left Click) is set to Playback once.


By default does the software have it so that even if you hold the Left Mouse button it will only do a single click?


In the same topic, I read in several posts in this forum that mouse buttons cannot be set to repeat or be used in combination with keyboard buttons in macros.


  • Bind Left Mouse to one of the thumb buttons to rapid fire a pistol in a FPS when held down.
  • Press a thumb button to type a chat message like "I'm right behind you" follow by a bound Left click.


If that's the case, then the User Guide concern I had is only an example? Or is there a way to have mouse clicks repeat?


I'm getting confused.


I also saw the AutoHotkey Hard Macro, but I think having a first party mouse handler would be better. Is it planned?


2) Macro Rollover


Say I have 2 macros.


  • M1: Presses the buttons 123456789 with a 1 second gap between each one.
  • M2: Presses the buttons ABCDEFGHI with a 1 second gap between each one.


If I were to press M1 followed by M2 half a second later, would M2 cause M1 to stop or would they both continue in their set pattern.




Or is there a setting where it can be enabled and disabled? I come across situations in different games where both are useful.


3) Fixed Macro Delay Time


Does the FMDT start counting when the macro begins or when it ends?


i.e. I set the FMDT to equel 3 seconds and my macro has a total of 4 seconds worth of delays. Will the macro repeat before it finishes or will it repeat 3 seconds after those 4 seconds?


4) Game Compatibility


Will the CGS work with essentially any game, including new releases, as long as it links to the game EXE? Or will a software update be needed to be compatible with new releases?




These are the major one's that I can think of off the top of my head.


Thank you.

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