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Corsair M60 (faulty) Mouse


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Hello everyone,


I would just like to use this opportunity to state my dissatisfaction with this peripheral I bought some time ago. Contrary to what this mouse was presumably intended I am not using it exclusively, or, rather not even primarily for gaming. But am (trying) using it as my primary controller in my product Viz field.


Aside from the fact that the cord isn't that durable and has already begun 'threading', I am about to state the main reason I am so unhappy with my purchase.


The middle click.


Yes, the middle click. Or I should say - the impossibly hard, faulty, delayed action middle click. So because of the atrocious conditions of actually using and clicking it, I am forced to consider this a two button mouse with a (admittedly very nice) scroll wheel. Now - as stated above, if I were to consider this a gaming exclusive peripheral I would have no problem with that, but since this is not, and has not been marketed as such I feel that I have been somewhat cheated - but only if this is the predetermined architecture of this device.


Having severe doubts on that last matter, I am happy to consider this an accident and entertain the high probability of an easy fix. Remapping the side buttons is what I am doing at the moment, but am not the most happy with.


So after all those paragraphs that is what I'm asking for - a fix, easy fix for the middle click of this device.


Thank you,


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If there is a problem with the scroll wheel that is making it impossible to use the middle mouse button, etc


Request an RMA as that would be the only way to resolve it.


Where would I be able to request this RMA?


Thank you for the answer too.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello coccosoids,


The middle click is subjective from person to person. However you should not need to apply excessive force. If it does require a large amount of force, then it sounds like a physical defect. Go ahead and submit a RMA and we will get this unit replaced for you.

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