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H110 Back plate slipping issues


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Hi Team,


I noticed when mounting the plastic h110 on the backside of my Asus z87 pro mobo, that when it came time to fasten the cooler unto to the cpu to make contact that 4x small metal threads were slipping on the backside of plastic backplate.


Honestly I did find this to be pretty cheap and I would have loved to see a metal back plate. I took EVERYTHING back out just to if I hadn't push the 4x metal threads into place correctly and sure enough when I put it ALL back together again the slip continued again. Now it was noticeably bad on one threat, semi on another and the remaining 2x threads were actually quite solid.


Have a reason to RMA this unit?

Could Corsair send me a metal back plate?

Is this just the cheap design?

Have other customers complained about slipping backplate threads?


I welcome all and any feedback.





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