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Carbide 500r & H110 Question/Issues


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Hi Team,


Ok - so picked up the h110 & Carbide 500r and don't get me wrong I absolutely love the product along with every piece of Corsair equipment I've ever owned!


A few things I need clearing up though -


1. The H110 placement (Underside pop out tray inside case)

As far as I can tell the H110 can only be mounted inside the case on the under side of pop out tray slot where the 140mm mounts are. This presents some problems... Firstly you can't run push pull config anymore because there physically is not enough space for 2x additional fans inside the case along with the cooler without interfering with MOBO or Ram.


2. H110 Placement (Inside the pop out tray directly)

Now when considering the placement I always wanted to run this in push pull config from the start. As far as I can see you CAN NOT mount the cooler unit inside the tray itself due to the tubing interfering with the rear tray framework. The only way I would see this being achieved is by physically cutting some of the metal frame work out of the end of tray casing to allow the tubing to slot into the newly cut gaps to line up with 8x 140mm mounting threads.


3. Fan placement

So with statement 2 above that only thing left to do is place the cooler unit inside the case right above the mobo, leaving you only one option where you can place a maximum of 2x 140mm fans above in the pop out tray. Either PUSH or PULL configuration - not both.


So considering the above 3 statements my questions are these:


1. Am I completely missing something here and you can in fact run push pull config?


2. Can you mount the radiator unit inside the tray itself as designed? (or not?)


3. Did Corsair original design the radiator and stock 2x 140mm fans to be set up in push config or Pull config?


4. If push config was intended - why would the engineers design a cooler where it sucks cold air from above to blow through the radiator existing as warm air directly into the case where your other components are also pushing hot air?


Feedback - I was running my fans originally in pull config with the 2x 140mm fans sucking air from the radiator out of the top of the case by mounting the fans in the pop out tray. Since turning them round I do gain cooling performace by an average of 2-5c having them in push config however doing so results in my graphics card temps increasing on average by about 2-4c


Any and all responses are welcome - I can provide picks if necessary.


Cheers all



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i have both these and using the asus m/b i was unable to do a push pull due to the heatsinks.i dont think this case is actually designed to do this,of course doing so is mainly anesthetics as it really only helps a couple degrees...

i was able to mount the rad outside the case under the cover.

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From what I have read and watched (and it's been a bunch while waiting for the new system that JUST arrived) the fans SHOULD pull outside air from the outside, and exhaust into the case for maximum CPU cooling.


If you draw air from inside the case, it will be warmer than the ambient outside air.



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i was able to mount the rad outside the case under the cover.


Wytnyt can you please advise how you were able to mount it? Maybe supply a pic if possible?? What am I missing here - the rad tubes wont allow either side to fit??

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