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PWM SP120 Quiet Edition Case Fan - How many Pins

Zind Tokay

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Some advice please. I've just bought a twin pack of PWM fans, they have 3 pins not 4 as I was expecting. The packaging doesn't mention PWM at all but a sticker on the box does say PWM. I'm using the fans with a cooling node and they do seem to work better, ie the software more accurately controls the fan speed. What is the difference between the 3 and 4 pin PWM fans? Does it matter? How can I tell I definitely have PWM fans.


Many thanks for any help offered.

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I figured it out, but I have no idea how it happened. There are two separate stickers with two different part numbers on it.

The one sticker shows a part number of CO-9050006-WW which is the correct part number for the non-PWM version , which is what you have.


The other sticker shows a part number of CO-9050012-WW which is the correct part number for the PWM version. But it isn't the correct sticker for that box. Why this second sticker was added is beyond me? :confused::confused: But you didn't get what you thought you were purchasing.


I would return them to where ever you bought them and point this out to them . At least get what you paid for.

EDIT: Looking at this and thinking a bit more on this...Where did you buy them from? The larger sticker that is incorrect looks to be some sort of "stock" sticker that was placed there by the retailer with their own identification system...only they got it wrong. The reason i say this is because non of Corsair identification system is marked by a "FAN-COR-003" That would have to be a third party system.

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