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Wire assignment for Graphite 600T?


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I am looking to buy a new case. I really like the design of the Corsair Graphite 600T. Can I have the wire/pin assignment for this case please? It's not in the "manual". The manual actually consists of a quick start guide and it only shows an exploded view drawing of the case and goes on to explain the obvious features. Not exactly what I was looking for...


P.s. It's time to update the product page for the Graphite 600T (the silver one). The Downloads tab is missing.

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The fan controller blog post: http://www.corsair.com/blog/how-to-identify-your-graphite-series-600t-fan-controller-cables/


The rest I/O connector are pretty standard. There's no polarity for Power and Reset connectors, HDD and PWR LED polarity are marked with + and -. One may be marked with the triangle shaped indentation (+).

The rest are straight forward. USB, Firewire, and HD Audio connectors are marked accordingly.

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I ended up buying the Obsidian 550D. It looks great, has plenty of space, moveable disk cages, easily removable filter in the front, lot of room for cables on the back. Th switches and ports were easy to install.


The only thing I would complain about on the Obsidian 550D is that the top of the case has a rubber like finish. Maybe it's a good place to put some gadgets on and not have them slipping. But it's not easy to clean the dust off of it.


Another thing I didn't like with this case is that the filter on the bottom is removed from the rear. I have to take out the case in order to grab it and pull out the filter. It would be easier if it was accessible from the side (I think Antec has that design). It's also hard to align the filter in the slot and insert it back under the case, without having to lift up the case a little bit so you can see it.


There was some error in design for the back plates I think. When you want to install a PCI-Express graphics card in one of the top two slots, there is a rivet in the plate, right where you screw in your PCI-Express plate. It prevents you from installing the graphics card straight in, you have to wiggle it and put it on an angle to get past the stupid rivet.


But all in all, I am very happy with this case.

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