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Corsair Link Pump, Fan and CPU Icons "Die"


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Several times now the following has happened:


The H80i Pump, Fan 1 and 2, Temp 1 and LED 1 icons as well as the CPU (in this case an I7-3960X) Avg C Temp icon that I have earlier repositioned into the "computer case" diagram in the general area of where they are located in my hardware installation are dead or inactive. The dead icons have been replaced by new, functional icons over on the left most portion of the Corsair Link screen.


I have deleted the dead ones and repositioned the new ones in their proper location and, again, saved the profile. I can reboot the computer and use the Corsair Link application and all seems well until the next instance where the aforementioned icons are dead and the replacement ones have been put on the left hand side of the application screen. (This seems to happen about once a week)


Is this a known issue or something new to my configuration?


Thank you!

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What FW are you using and also what version of the LINK software do you have?


Sorry about leaving that out. I am using Corsair Link v2.4.4984 and the firmware is v1.0.5. I have used v1.0.7 but went back to the down level version.


What were you thinking regarding my problem peanutz94?

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