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Firmware Updates - H100i & AX860i


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Thanks for the confirmation that the links work.


The joys of Windows 8.1 !!!!


Would not download the V1.0.7 zip file. Kept downloading "attachment.php"


Went to an old XP machine (because it was already running next to me on the workbench) and did the download without a problem.


I don't have my new Windows 8 system finished, but my 8.1 couldn't do it.


My H100i, AX860i, and 500R are inbound from NEWEGG with rest of a new system.


Thanks again.



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most think new is better and in some situations it is but not so with these coolers/links

and the biggest reason for that is while prior software worked for most,for others with unique configurations it didnt work as well

hence one of the reasons for updates,to fix a certain margin of the market.

the golden rule is if it isnt broke,dont fix it...

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