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Another Pump Noise Problem


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I recently purchased an H100i from a retailer. I fitted it to my system (new Asus Z87, 4770k), and attached the quiet edition fans. However, the pump was the noisiest thing in my case. The best way to describe the noise would be like a sort of loud electrical buzzing. It's not the fans, it's the pump.


I then sent it back and purchased an H80i (still waiting on refund so couldn't afford another H100i), and again, same noise. This ones possibly even louder.


Now I'm led to believe you're not supposed to even hear the pump really unless you stick your ear up to it, but in my case it's all I can hear in my room resonating from the Corsair 540.


I can hear it from the minute I power up the PC, till it shuts down. It happens regardless of fan speed.


So the question is, what exactly is the problem, and do I risk another waste of time getting another H100i when I get my refund?


This is the second pump, from a second retailer exhibiting the same loud noise, and looking on the forums I'm not sure it matches the complaints of any other pump threads, where their fans were to blame, or there was grinding from the pump. This seems to be different, yet its twice I've had this now.


A couple of things I've tried: Removed the Corsair Link USB, ran the fans straight from the motherboard. Absolutely nothing changes here.

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It is not uncommon for the Pump to make some noise at first especially if there is some air trapped in the PUMP. How lane has the system been running and have you tried laying the system on its side to see if the noise changes or goes away?
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