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[12.0V ATX Power Voltage] out of recommended range. (11.000 V)


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I am new here, hopefully great wizards over here can alleviate my issue.


I'm using Corsair 850TX power supply with Intel DX79SR. None of the components are over-clocked. I was playing Tomb-Raider at ultimate settings on 3D vision, for roughly 5-6 hours continuously.

I got the alert, "[12.0V ATX Power Voltage] out of recommended range. (11.000 V)". Saying motherboard did not receive enough power from PSU at that point. (8% lower power, 5% is acceptable).


I have quit the game and watched power for sometime, and there seem to be some minor fluctuation (11.600->11.88), and mostly stabilizes at 11.88. I wonder if there are probable causes for the following:

a) Why did it go to 11.00V?

b) Why is it stable at 11.88 and not at 12.00 ?


Hopefully I didn't select wrong PSU for my build, let me know if that is the case.

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please do not rely on software for actual readings, its usually there for entertainment. use a multimeter for realtime measurements.

while you are at it, please test your voltage at the wall for neutral + hot and neutral + ground.

if you see the neutral + ground anything higher than half a volt (should be 0) the outlet may be a contributor to the problem.

i look forward to your findings, let us know.

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I think one of the ATX <-> PSU cables was loose or stretched too hard. Rewiring seem to have fixed it. Now showing a stable 12.230V . I will try with a multimeter later, and update more details. I am not disabling the alert yet, to keep my mother board safe.
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