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Can't wrap my head around how the Corsair Link is actually supposed to work.


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I just bought myself a complete Corsair Link package, so now I've got the following installed in my system:


- Corsair AX 760i

- Corsair H100i

- Corsair Cooling and Lighting kit

- Corsair Link GPU Node



Everything is installed correctly following the only guide:




The hardware installation is pretty straight forward, I just installed the Corsair Link Commander and connected it to the on-board USB2.0 header, then ran a digital link cable to my Corsair H100i, my AX 760i PSU, the Cooling Kit, the Lighting Kit and the GPU Node.


For the PSU there really isn't much to do, it's just the digital cable to the Corsair Link Commander and that's pretty much it. For the Cooling Kit I have a 4-pin molex connector for power and 2x 180mm intake fans of my computer case and 1x 120mm exhaust fan, as well as three heat sensors installed aroud inside the case. All my 4x 120mm fans on the H100i radiator is connected through the pump. The Lightning Kit is pretty much the same way, one 4-pin molex for power and the three included LED strips installed throughout the case. Last but not least we've got the GPU Node kit which has 2x 8-pin PCI-Express from the PSU in, and 1x 8-pin + 1x 6-pin PCI-Express out to my GeForce GTX Titan.



I'm fairly certain everything is installed correctly as I've got power on my graphics card, all fans are blowing, the LED-strips are lighting up so everything seems all good there.



When it comes to the software part I'm struggling a fair bit more. I'm not entirely sure how the Corsair Link software is supposed to work but currently I can't see neither of my case fans (not the 2x 180mm in the front, nor the 120mm in the back of my case) nor any of the installed heat / temp sensor. The hardware is obviously working as all the fans are blowing, but I guess they are supposed to show in the actual software? As of now all three fans connected to the cooling kit are running at very high speeds making quite some noise which is irritating and defeats the whole purpose of the Cooling Kit to begin with.


It's not only the Corsair Cooling Link that is not showing, neither is my PSU and it's fan is not running at all but I guess it's designed to not run until it's needed, but I guess it's supposed to show in the Corsair Link software in some way?


The only thing showing is my H100i and my GPU Node Kit, or not the GPU Node Kit itself but my GeForce GTX Titan is shown with both core temps and fan speeds with the option to shave fan modes so I'll guess it has to be working otherwise those options wouldn't be available.



I updated the firmware on the H100i to the latest one without any problems, but under the firmware update tool it's only showing Corsair Commander and H100i and nothing else so I guess there has to be something fishy about this software as half of my kits are not showing at all. How do one go forth and troubleshoot this?

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